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Hello World !!

Writing my first post bring me the same nostalgic feeling like writing my first “Hello World” program in “C” which I learnt first time in my collage lab.



I am excited to learn, share and try something new with this powerful platform (akin to “C”) but also afraid of making mistakes while finding my way through.

I am very thankful & motivated by some of the great bloggers as their blogs have immensely helped me in my role at VMware, few of them which I frequently visit are by  Jad El-Zein,  Iwan Rahabok & Grant Orchard

One my favourite is by a close buddy Sunny Dua who is an avid blogger and his blogs have greatly helped his readers in learning vROPS from its very early avatar, while there was very limited content available on this subject.

Hope I will be able to actively share my experience with VMware vRealize Solutions and contribute to the community.

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